Keep track of all your finances in one place.

Stop struggling with complicated spreadsheets, scattered data, and inflexible systems. We've created the perfect tool for those who expect more clarity in less time.

Screenshot from the Alka web app

Personalized finances that simply work

Being able to trust and understand your financial data means gives you the empowerment to confidently make the most important decisions in life.

Built for speed

Actions in Alka are created in an instant, so you can work as fast as you think.

Double–entry engine

Underneath our graceful interface, lies the gold standard of data models.

Offline updates

You don't have to wait to land to update any of your accounts.

Stay in command

With our Alka Omnibar, all of your financial data is at your fingertips.

Multiple ledgers

Separate your personal and business finances or mix them however you want.

Collaborative nature

Shared finances with your spouse or business partner? We got you!

9,500+ banks

Easily connect all your accounts through Plaid, Yodlee and Venmo

Slack integration

Get important notifications directly in your Slack channel.